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Pandora Creates New Podcast Fans With This American Life Launch

Company Release - 4/26/2016 9:00 AM ET

New episodes on Mondays: let the guilt-free marathoning begin.

OAKLAND, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pandora (NYSE:P), the go-to music source for fans and artists, is bringing the next chapter of binge-worthy entertainment to listeners with the launch of This American Life, the award-winning podcast hosted by Ira Glass from the creators of Serial. New episodes will go live on Mondays and can be enjoyed via iOS, Android, tablet or on the web.

Whether commuting to work, perfecting your downward dog, food prepping or online shopping, immerse yourself in engaging and informative narratives that bring the human experience to life. Each episode takes on a single theme with a variety of stories, divided into parts so you can skip forward, replay something you missed, or if you need to take a break, you can pick up where you left off.

5 Fun Facts about This American Life:

  1. Phil Collins taught the art of writing the perfect break-up song during an episode about heartache.
  2. Summer Roberts referred to it on The O.C. as “That show by those hipster know-it-alls who talk about how fascinating ordinary people are.”
  3. Alt-rock group OK Go was their house band for live performances.
  4. Johnny Depp narrated “Escape,” an episode of the Emmy-Award winning This American Life TV Series.
  5. Host Ira Glass made cameo appearances as himself in Veronica Mars, 30 Rock, American Dad!, Bojack Horseman, Modern Family and The Simpsons.

“Pandora listeners loved Serial, to the tune of over 15.6 million streams of Season One and Season Two,” said Chris Phillips, chief product officer, Pandora. “There’s a huge appetite for a wider range of entertainment and deeper listening experience, and we can’t wait to introduce our listeners to the compelling storytelling in This American Life.”

“Putting Serial on Pandora was an experiment, because we really didn't know if their listeners wanted to tune into hour-long stories. As it turns out... millions of them did!” said Ira Glass, executive producer of Serial and host of This American Life. “We hope and believe that the same thing will be true for This American Life, and Pandora will turn their listeners into fans. Because, you know, we like it when people listen.”

Haven’t caught on to the This American Life phenomenon yet? Not a problem. We’ve lined up an assortment of episodes in the station to get you warmed up. Simply add the This American Life station, and let the exploration (and obsession) begin.


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This American Life went on the air in 1995 in Chicago, and expanded to become a popular weekly public radio show broadcast nationwide. Each week, the producers choose a theme and present various stories on that theme. The show has won all the major broadcasting awards. Episodes are heard on over 500 stations and downloaded by more than two million people each week. This American Life is hosted by Ira Glass and produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago.


Serial is a podcast that tells one story over the course of an entire season, hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced in collaboration with WBEZ Chicago. The first season launched in October 2014. Serial quickly became the most popular podcast in the history of the medium, with over 150 million downloads to date.

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